TUNDRA /тундра/


Тундра (TUNDRA) takes cultural practices out of their natural context to place them in an artificial, theatrical space.

Contemporary art is a free and insolent movement capable of collecting and rewriting those forms of past times relegated and petrified in tradition.

The aim of тундра (TUNDRA) is to place folk and ancestral forms in a context foreign to their nature to activate interferences in perception, alter the system of signs and open the doors for a critical reflection on the reality of today’s art, its possibilities, Its rules and its function as an artistic manifestation of a time that, because of its present condition, resists being defined and danced in a teenage state of indefinite identity, still liquid and free of labels.

тундра (TUNDRA) aims to draw a plastic and emotional path of symbols and iconography of ambiguous and disconcerting force that, in the most absolute way, contains within it the history of human experience.