“Our relationships don’t occur because we want them to, because we wish them. They do not occur because we want to get pleasure from such relationships. They do because we are afraid.”
Andrei Tarkovsky


Lake Baikal, located in southern Siberia, is the deepest lake in the world. Such is its water volume that if you split it in the Earth’s surface, the planet would be covered by a layer of eight inches high. Rússia is a moving picture, a road trip to Lake Baikal.
The protagonists are in front of a roan that plunges into the forest. There is snow on the road. Rússia is large and unknown.
They are forced to stay together, locked inside a vehicle. They spend the night listening to radio programs. The road leads them to be increasingly closer to the lake, however, they never get to see it. From the beginning, Rússia is born with the will of never ending. Rússia is the geographical representation of fear.

DIRECTION: Marcos Morau
CHOREOGRAPHY: Marcos Morau in collaboration with the dancers
DRAMATURGY AND TEXT: Carmina S. Belda, Pablo Gisbert – El Conde de Torrefiel
DANCERS: Piece for 8 dancers
Inma Asensio, Xavi Auquer, Tanya Beyeler, Julia Cambra, Laia Duran, Cristina Facco, Cristina Goñi Adot, Nuria Guiu, Anna Hierro, Ariadna Montfort, Nuria Navarra, Lorena Nogal, Manuel Rodriguez, Marina Rodriguez, Sau-Ching Wong
TEACHER: Cristina Facco
SPACE AND LIGHTING DESIGN: Enric Planas & La Veronal
PHOTOGRAPY: Edu Pérez, Humberto Pich, Quevieneelcoco
COSTUMES: Mariana Rocha
ILLUSTRACTIONS: José Manuel Hortelano Pi

Russia is a production of La Veronal, in coproduction with Mercat de les Flors and the Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Reus.
With the collaboration of El Graner Centre de Creació