The piece by Marcos Morau & La Veronal uses the Hellenistic sculpture of Ariadne Asleep as a symbolic frame to deepen into the search for beauty, perfection and calm amid the storm of contemporaneity.

The work is embodied in a space which is nowhere, placed into the void and which evokes the contemplative exercise.

To stop time and shelter in that place where no one and nothing can find nor disturb us. Peacefulness is something absolutely intimate and private that neither thing nor person can offer without our active will. So the same thing happens with aesthetics experience, unique and nontransferable, because beauty is an entirely subjective concept. Thus the beauty of a piece of art we consider beautiful, produces an immense pleasure when we isolate from reality and we stop to contemplate it. Pleasure is an award we find, not an aim to pursue. A surprise, a finding that is only achieved in the suspension of expectation, when immersed in the moment.